Mar 14


photography, 2012 — current

This project looks at flags as a visualization of the state and administrative borders and seeks to diminish their disengagement with the real landscape which is being divided into artificial parts. Conventional borders which we perceive as a given exactly due to the flags, play a much more important role in the countries’ lives than the natural borders. Nevertheless, if we zoom out we can see that this border sometimes totally disappear on the human scale but sometimes, on the contrary, when reinforced with the barbed wires, is able to completely block the communications between two part of a natural whole. The photos are printed on fabric and exhibited in form of actual flags.




Anton Zabrodin rethinks the flags decreasing their rupture with the real landscape, which those flags separate into a number of unnatural parts. Nominal borders which we learn to take as a given partially because of the flags, play a more important role in a country’s faith than the natural ones. Zooming in we can see that the borders can easily disappear on human scale. However, when manifested in the barbed wire they can also completely block the interconnection in between the two parts of a natural whole.

Sonya Guimon






More info @ http://sonyaguimon.com/projects/upbringing

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